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About Us


We are pleased to welcome all people to historic Glebe Church. Here you will find Christians who work and live in the world while seeking to do the will of God as mediated through Jesus Christ. There have been people like us, and like you, worshipping in this hallowed space since 1642, and we hope to continue this tradition in God’s Grace forever. From the very beginning we have used this small historic place for worship, and it has always contained a congregation known for its exceptionally large heart filled with the Holy Spirit and love for the ministry of Christ to which we are called. 

We seek to discover and grow in Christ's love by upholding six individual and interdependent ministries- help us grow by joining one of the ministries that appeals to you!

  • demonstrating Christ's love:  OUTREACH 

  • incorporating Christ's love: FELLOWSHIP

  • educating in Christ's love: DISCIPLESHIP

  • communicating Christ's love: EVANGELISM

  • celebrating Christ's love: WORSHIP

  • caring for Christ's resources: STEWARDSHIP

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