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Parish Life

Glebe Family celebrates Fyfe's Holy Baptism Rite.  Fyfe is the daughter of Mark and Alisa.

July 16, 2023

Fyfe Baptism Collage 1.jpg
Fyfe Baptism Collage 2.jpg
Prayer Shawl.jpg
Prayer Shawl Group Collage 1.jpg

Glebe Family joined together with

Cathy and Jack as they renewed

their Wedding Vows.

Cathy & Jack's Wedding Renewal Vows Collage2.jpg
Cathy & Jack's Wedding Renewal Vows Collage1.jpg

Glebe Church Family hosts a Baby 

Shower for Fyfe the Daughter of 

Mark and Alisa

Fyfe's Baby Shower Collage !.jpg

Easter Sunrise Eucharist
April 9, 2023

Easter Sunrise collage.jpg

Easter Egg Hunt
April 9, 2023

Easter Egg Hunt collage.jpg

Maundry Thursday Eucharist  
April 6, 2023

Maundy Thursday collage 1.jpg
Maundy Thursday collage 2.jpg

Glebe Ladies at the Agape Meal
April 6, 2023 

Apage Meal Collage.jpg

Palm Sunday April 2, 2023

Palm Sunday Apr.2, 2023 Collage.jpg

Clean-up Day  April 1, 2023

Spring day Collage 1.jpg
Spring day Collage 2.jpg

Troop 16 Spaghetti Dinner 
April 1, 2023

Troop 16 dinner Collage.jpg
Fyfe Welcome Collage.jpg
2023 Breakfast with the Vestry.jpg
2023 Ladies Night Out.jpg
2022 Lesson & Carols Tea 1.jpg
2022 Lesson & Carols Tea 2.jpg
2022 Oyster Roast Collage 1.jpg
2022 Oyster Roast Collage 2.jpg
2022 Oyster Roast Collage 3.jpg
Halloween Collage 1.jpg
Halloween Collage 2.jpg
Halloween Collage 3.jpg
Homecoming 1.jpg
Homecoming 2.jpg

Benjamin's Eagle Project
and Award August 14, 2022

Benjamin's Eagle 2.jpg
Benjamin's Eagle 3.jpg
Benjamin's Eagle 1.jpg
Benjamin Pic 1.jpg

Benjamin's Eagle Project

For this project, he chose to decorate the flag pole located at North Shore Elementary School in Suffolk, VA.


The children attending the school helped by painting the rocks..

Benjamin Pic 2.jpg
VBS 2022 Collage 4.jpg
VBS 2022p2.png
VBS 2022 Collage 2.jpg

Convocation 4 Bishop’s Visitation

and Clergy Luncheon Day

Bishop Visist June 28 2022 Collage.jpg
Collin's Eagle project.jpg
Collins Eagle Collage 1.jpg

We extend many congratulations to Collin as he received the highest honor in scouting of an Eagle Scout in a service and reception on Sunday, June 26th, 2022!

Eagle Scout.jpg
Collin's Eagle Service 1.jpg
Trinity Sunday slide one 6.12.22.jpg
Trinity Sunday slide three 6.12.22.jpg
Trinity Sunday slidet wo 6.12.22.jpg
Pentecost Picnic slide one 4.10.2022.jpg
Pentecost Picnic slide three 4.10.2022.jpg


Pentecost Picnic slide two 4.10.2022.jpg
Easter Brunch 4.17.2022 Slide one.jpg
Easter Brunch 4.17.2022 Slide two.jpg
Clean-Up Day April 9, 2022 Second slide.jpg
Clean-Up Day April 9, 2022 Third slide.jpg
Clean-Up Day April 9, 2022 first slide.jpg
Lent & Holy Week 2022.jpg
Shrove Tuesday collage 5.jpg
Shrove Tuesday Collage 1.jpg
Shrove Tuesday Collage 2.jpg
Shrove Tuesday Collage 6.jpg
Shrove Tuesday Collage 4.jpg
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